Customs Broker Licensing Exam Preparation Kit

To simplify the preparation process for the Customs Broker Licensing Exam (CBLE), we have assembled a comprehensive package of materials and tools mandated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Our service includes sourcing all necessary items on your behalf, ensuring full compliance with CBP standards. This curated set is designed to enhance efficiency and speed for exam takers during the CBLE. The package contains the following items:

  1. Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2023 Basic Edition) (HTSUS) 
  2. Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations (2023 Annual Edition) (Parts 1 to End)(CFR 0-140)(CFR 141-199)(CFR 200-end) 
  3. Handbook including a) ACE Entry Summary Instructions,  b) Right to Make Entry ,  c)ACE Entry Summary Business Rules and Process Document and other helpful aids, 
  4. 12 inches Catalog Rack, 
  5. Pre-Printed Self-adhesive Tabs for HTS and CFR Title 19