Kenvic Training provides short-term professional licensing and certification exam prep program through classroom and online training to help our students advance in their careers and lead better lives faster. We provide test preparation for US Customs Broker, IRS Enroll Agent, AIPB Bookkeeper Certification, NYS Public School Teacher Certification, Registered Nurse, Pharmacy Technician and others.


Kenvic Training Inc. provides professional certification exam prep programs to help people find better jobs and move up their career ladders in a short term. Our trainings cover certificates from major industries which have growing career opportunities in the following 20 years. Our trainings are conducted through traditional classroom lecturing and online training solutions. Physical Training facilities are located in both Los Angeles and New York. Effective Online training solutions are also offered to provide convenience to our students.


Our customers are people with at least high school degree and basic English comprehension capability.


KTI owns its facilities in a convenient location with a revenue of $3 million per year. Employees work in a great working environment which has fresh air, green plants and full of sunshine. Every employee was hired because working in KTI is one of the solutions to their career success. KTI seeks continuous growth and helps its employees to grow professionally and financially. Working in KTI helps every employee move up on the way to accomplish his or her dream. everybody is happy with their position and work hard to help our customers achieve their dreams.

KTI provides Substantial profit stream to its investors. ROI is much higher than average market ratio. Investors gain public reputation because KTI makes the community a better place by helping people accomplish their dreams.


Kenvic Training Inc. is dedicated to help people find better jobs and move up their career ladders in a short term by providing certification trainings, career planning and job assistance in industries with most job opportunities. Short term and light invested certification training programs provide alternative solutions for career improvement that a 2 years or 4 years college can’t provide. People who have good jobs usually lead good lives.

Core Values

Commit to help others until results are delivered. Believe in a systematic approach to problems and commit to provide lasting solutions to problems. Get great things done takes team work and resource consolidation among one another. Commit to decency, a positive attitude and professionalism