AIPB Certified Bookkeeper Exam Review Course

kenvic Certified Bookkeeper Exam Review tutoring classes Certified Bookkeeper Exam Review help students quickly pass the AIPB Association’s CB exam to get their Certified Bookkeeper certification.

  • Analyzed by an accountant with many years of financial experience combined with real accounting examples
  • Solved the problems caused by the lack of accounting theory when using various software (e.g. QuickBooks) to do accounts
  • Lectures on accounting theory including adjusting accounts, depreciation, payroll expenses, accounting corrections, inventory management, internal controls.
  • 8 lessons, 2 hours each, with real examples by an accountant with many years of financial experience.
  • Chinese and English classes, learn English for accounting and compare the differences in accounting standards between China and the US
  • Provides four months of video playback access
  • Paper textbooks are not included