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Kenvic Training 诚聘课程顾问


Kenvic Training 诚聘Program Consultant课程顾问,为客户量身规划个人发展路径,推荐合适的课程,协助客户制定学习计划,帮助解决客人问题,与公司一起成长。 



    • 深度学习与理解相关行业发展趋势与Kenvic Training各个项目特点。
    • 根据客户情况,结合美国行业特点,为客户量身规划职业,推荐合适的课程,协助客户置顶合理可行的学习计划
    • 熟练应用CRM系统,持续稳定地实现个人销售目标。
    • 协助市场部完成Email Campaign,Social Media Campaign以及其它营销推广公司与课程
    • 对客户进行回访,做好售后服务



    • 乐于帮助别人解决问题。
    • 对教育行业有热情。 
    • 熟练办公软件,
    • 1年以上销售或招生经验,有良好的销售或招生成绩者优先考虑。 
    • 愿意挑战更高的目标
    • 出色的沟通能力
    • 强烈的责任感 
    • 大学是教育专业者,商科类或教育行业工作背景优先;


工作地点Queens, NY,有远程办公的可能。 




KENVIC 专为各类公司输送专业人才,现诚聘兼职或全职就业顾问 。



    • 根据Job Applicant特点职业规划与推荐适合的工作职位
    • 帮助修改简历与见工指导
    • 提供就业咨询
    • 收集整理求职与招聘信息
    • 联系与了解聘请单位人才需求,
    • 维护与发展聘请单位的关系。
    • 跟进职位聘请状况,
    • 组织就业活动


    • 有HR人力资源专业或工作经验者优先考虑
    • 能够迅速了解不同岗位对人才的要求
    • 英文流利
    • 学习能力强
    • 至少2年以上办公室经验
    • 有销售经验者为佳。 





Online Tutor Wanted

Clients of Kenvic Tutors in #New York State is looking for Tutors providing K-12 School English tutoring for their kids. 


About Kenvic Tutors 

Kenvic Tutors is a live online learning platform that connects tutors with learners from grades K to 12 to provide personalized learning experiences. We put forth great efforts to match tutors to our students, resulting in productive learning experiences. 

Kenvic Tutors’ clients are looking for tutors with knowledge of different subjects and also who is friendly, organized, and reliable. 

For more information about Kenvic Tutors, please contact us at 718-321-3322. 


Working  in Kenvic Tutors as a tutor receives several benefits:

    • the flexibility to schedule your own sessions and to choose your own hours
    • choose your own tutoring loads. 
    • Tutors and have the freedom to use your own teaching styles and methods


Online Tutoring is the only way for tutors to earn additional money during the pandemic time. So, act quickly and send your email to: 

with Subject [Last] [First] Tutor Online and attach your Resume



Homework/Tutoring for K-12th Grade


Location: REMOTE ONLINE , Tutoring Platforms used: Zoom



Hours are flexible (ONLINE):

    • 10 am – 7 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and/or 
    • Saturday and or Sunday 
    • being available for only a couple of days is ok 



$15 – $100 per Hour

Tutors working with Kenvic Tutors are independent contractors and get paid twice a month. Kenvic Tutors will charge a percentage of the tutoring fee as commission. 


Additional Information:

Grades K-12

Flushing, NY 11354

Experience tutoring or teaching K-12 is a plus

This position is open to all academic majors