Terms & conditions

Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy: If student requests class cancelation before the class starts, the school will refund the tuition with a deduction of $50 registration fee. The student may receive up to 60% of refund of the tuition upon approval if the student decides to withdraw within the first three lectures. Tuition is not refundable after the third class, but the balance credits can be used towards purchasing another class.

退学与退款政策:学生在开课前申请退学可获全额学费退款,除注册费$50不予退还。学生在开始上课后三节课或以内申请退学,可获 60% 学费退还。学生在参加过四节课或以上申请退学,学费不予退还,但余额可用于支付其他课程。

Retake Policy: Student is allowed to retake the same class within 1 year. If a student has finished more than 3 lectures of the total sessions and requests for class retake, the school will charge 30% of tuition for Retake Fee.

重读政策:学校允许学生在1年内重读同一课程,学生如果参加原来课时超过3次(不包括3次)并申请重读,学校会收取学费的 30% 作为重读费用。

Non-Disclosure Agreement: Student agrees not to disclose or publish class recording, computer programs, class materials, and other international properties to any third parties unless otherwise authorized. Class recording may only be avaible for additional four weeks after the class ends.